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Window Screens, Screen Doors, Patio Screens, Sun Shades, Retractable Screens San Diego CA
Only Wizard Screens has an optional locking bar that secures the screen pull bar to the door frame. It also serves as a visual deterrent to accidental walk-ins because it is positioned horizontally across the middle of the screen. To unlock, simply swivel the bar upright and it stays inconspicuously out of sight.
Wizard Screens also offers an optional alarm system that can be installed on your screen door. Available only for Wizard Screens , the alarm can be set to either the chime or full alarm mode and will be triggered when the screen is detached from a door or window frame. If you are in a room away from the screen door, you¹ll know from the audible alert when someone opens the screen.

Experience you can trust
With many years of design, technical and customer service experience, Premier Retractable Screens is your choice with special trust and confidence. No other product or competitor matches the stylish , high functionality of Wizard Screens. Our state-of-the-art centralized assembly and distribution facility is dedicated to delivering a perfect product every time. Skilled technicians and precision machinery allow us to customize your order to the highest standards.
Furthermore, unlike the majority of retractable screen companies in California, Premier Retractable Screens has the important C-61, D-28 California Contractor's License to legally operate, market and install retractable screens. Be wary of unlicensed, uninsured companies that 'truck roll' up to your home and want to install on the same day as the quote. This hurry-up approach to do the job on the same day should signal red flags. It is illegal to do $500 or more work on a household for retractable screens, period! We're held to a higher standard to ensure your satisfaction.

Quality and Durability
Our product is best in class and we prove it by the quality of our materials and installation, and through our limited lifetime warranty.
We use architectural extruded aluminum components to provide unmatched strength. Our handles and fittings are made of UV protected nylon, not plastic, for durability and our tracks are wheelchair and furniture dolly safe, an industry exclusive!
The baked enamel finish also has built-in UV protection and is guaranteed not to rust, corrode or fade and gives you peace of mind knowing that we stand behind its quality. Other companies don’t warrant against color fade. Their finish warranty only, “Resists the passage of time.” This means that their powder coating WILL FADE and get ‘chalky’ after only a few years.

Extra-Durable Screen for Pets
Premier Screens offers the only high visibility retractable Pet Screen mesh door specifically made to resist dogs and cats. Our Pet Screen is made from multi stranded vinyl coated polyester cord mesh that is six times stronger then regular fiberglass or aluminum screens. Thanks to Premier, it still provides excellent outward visibility and lets pets enjoy fresh air without your worrying about damage to the screen mesh.

Insect proof
A great retractable screen door is only as good as it's installation in keeping insects out of your house. We designed our housing, tracks, and slide bar to work in tandem with our screen mesh to provide an insect proof screen door, every time.

Versatile applications
Premier Screens can mount on practically any single or double door frame up to 109" in height and 108" in width. They adapt to; entry doors, double French doors, sliding glass patio doors, in-swing or out-swing doors. They can also be sized and mounted on almost any pass-through window frame.

Certified Installers
If you purchase a high quality product, it is virtually worthless if it’s not installed properly. Our certified installation technicians go through a stringent training process to deliver Premier Screens’ uncompromising approach to installation techniques and customer service. . Our installation technicians perform the work on your home the way they would on their own mother’s home. Now THAT’S a Premier attitude!

Through Premier, Wizard Screens offers a limited lifetime warranty on all components, excluding the screen mesh. Defective components will be replaced free of charge for up to 1 year from the date of installation. After 1 year Wizard will provide replacement components at no charge but a service installation charge will apply. This warranty applies only to the original residential purchaser and is void if the Wizard Screen is not installed by one of our certified installers or if it is altered, modified or moved in any way. Failure to adhere to Maintenance Tips, neglect or abuse is not covered under the warranty.

Our Pledge: 100% Total Customer Satisfaction
To accomplish this, we'll first meet with you to inspect the door frame, threshold, and mounting surfaces, and to explain how our screen system will be installed, consulting on the various colors and materials to be used. Then we'll schedule a professional installation with one of our certified and highly trained installation technicians to insure your custom-fitted screen system is installed to Premier standards.

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